Life @ GLab/Caltech

June 2023

A bumper crop of PhDs!

May 2023

Representing the lab at the 2023 American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy meeting 2023

March 2023

A good reminder of “the importance of stupidity in scientific research” by Martin Schwartz

November 2022

Enjoying good company at SfN 2022 lab dinner

May 2021

Xiaozhe Ding describes his thesis in 3 minutes for Caltech’s Three Minute Thesis Competition

May 2021

Xinhong Chen describes his thesis in just 3 minutes!!! at CALTECH’s 2021 Three Minute Thesis Competition.

July 2020

A good read on writing response to reviewers

June 2020

Erich Jarvis – lessons on science and minority status

May 2020

A zoom lab social!

January 2020

Pre-COVID lab social!

When social distancing didn’t exist…

December 2019

Lab members share their research projects as a part of Graduate Student Scientific Storytelling supported by Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience.

April 2017

G-Lab members participated in Beaver 5k!

Ira Glass, Credit: Tom Murphy
March 2015

Uninspired? On Creative Work.

April 2013

Picture of the Month!

April 2013

Lindsay and Jenny performed the first in vivo electrophysiology experiment with optogenetics.

February 2013

Happy birthday, Claire!