Sep, 2021. Anat and Alon’s work on Light-guided sectioning for precise in situ localization and tissue interface analysis for brain-implanted optical fibers and GRIN lenses is out in Cell Reports.

Feb, 2021. Ryan’s work on Dorsal raphe dopamine neurons signal motivational salience dependent on internal state, expectation, and behavioral context is out in J.Neuro.

March, 2021

Ryan’s work on Response Properties of Dorsal Raphe Dopamine Neurons is featured in JNeurosci’s This week in The Journal. Congratulations to the team!

December, 2020

We collaborated with Lin Tian’s and Loren Looger’s group on Directed Evolution of a Selective and Sensitive Serotonin Sensor via Machine Learning. The paper is out in Cell. Congratulations to the team!

September, 2020

We collaborated with Anne Schaefer’s group on Negative feedback control of neuronal activity by microglia. The paper is out in Nature. Congratulations to the team!

May, 2020

Priya’s AAV paper is featured on the cover of Nature Methods and in the NIH BRAIN Initiative’s photo contest. Congratulations to the team!

April, 2020

Priya’s Nature Methods paper describing multiplexed Cre-dependent selection of AAVs for targeted evolution (M-CREATE) is featured by Caltech! Congratulations to the team!

October 2019

Claire’s work on expanding neuroscience’s toolkit with machine learning-guided opsin engineering is now out in “Nature Methods” and featured by Caltech. Congratulations to the team!

June 2019

Michael and Grigorios’ work on Settling the Debate on Serotonin’s Role in Sleep is now out in “Neuron” with a video abstract, and featured on Caltech news. Congratulations to the team!

February 2019

Viviana is featured in the Neuron “Voices” article Driving the Next Steps with Technology, celebrating 30 years of Neuron, where she discusses recent advances and neuroscience applications of adeno-associated viral vectors.

January 2019

Rose’s AAV protocols paper is featured as the cover of Nature Protocols. Congratulations to the team!

May 2018

Viviana is promoted to Professor of Neuroscience and Biological Engineering. Congratulations!

May 2018

Our lab just published a review paper on Viral strategies for targeting CNS/PNS.

(Image: PACT clearing of Thy1-eYFP mouse brain)
July 2017

Viviana, Ryan and Jenny participated in “Advanced Technologies in Molecular Neuroscience” course at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab and taught tissue clearing methods.

July 2017

Ken’s AAV paper is featured as the cover of Nature Neuroscience. Congratulations to the team!

June 2017

Ken’s paper on novel engineered AAVs is published in Nature Neuroscience and featured on Caltech news. Congratulations to the team!

June 2017

Ryan’s work on DRN dopamine neurons is published in Neuron. Congratulations to the team!

May 2017

Dr. Ken Chan, GLab’s first PhD recipient, won the (1) Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Prize in Entrepreneurship or Related Fields and the (2) Lawrence L. and Audrey W. Ferguson Prize for his thesis work on viral vectors and tissue clearing. Congratulations!

April 2017

Alon and Ken’s paper on bone CLARITY is published in Science Translational Medicine. Congratulations to the team!

November 2016

Discussing neurodegeneration with Bill Gates at Caltech.

November 2016

Viviana is featured in the Neuron “Voices” article Global Collaboration, Learning from Other Fields.

September 2016

We collaborated with the Newman lab at Caltech for Microbial Imaging after PACT called miPACT – “Exposing the 3D biogeography and metabolic states of pathogens in cystic fibrosis sputum via hydrogel embedding, clearing and rRNA labeling“. The paper is out in mBio and made it to the journal’s featured image, and also featured on Caltech news. Congratulations to the team!

July 2016

NIH Director’s Blog highlights recent G-Lab research:  Snapshots of Life: Making the Brain Transparent.

July 2016

Jenny’s review on tissue clearing and viral vectors for mapping biological circuits is now in Current Opinion in Biotechnology. Congratulations to the team!

June 2016

Scientific American features our work on Delivery Vectors that Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier. Congratulations to the team!

April 2016

Cheng’s paper on Mapping Neurons to Improve the Treatment of Parkinson’s out in Neuron and also featured on Caltech news! Congratulations to the team!

February 2016

Ben’s paper on Delivering genes across the blood-brain barrier is out in Nature Biotechnology and featured on Caltech news. Congratulations to the team!

January 2016

Nature News and Views on Optogenetic Voltage Sensors.

October 2015

If you use tissue clearing – these detailed protocols just out in Nature Protocols will help!

July 2015

Spying on Opsins.

December 2014

Scientific American 10 World Changing Ideas 2014 features our group’s work on Transparent Organisms.

September 2014

Nick and Claire’s paper on voltage sensing with Archer 1 has been published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to the team!

2014: World Economic Forum
2014: A new way to understand the human brain – World Economic Forum
September 2014

Interview about Optogenetics and CLARITY on The World Economic Forum Blog.

August 2014

CBS News on “Single-cell phenotyping within transparent intact tissue through whole-body clearing. Congratulations to the team!

August 2014

G-Lab’s first paper has been published in Cell. Congratulations to the team!