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The Gradinaru Lab uses advanced technologies such as optogenetics, CLARITY, physiology, imaging, and behavior to understand and develop therapies for neurological diseases.

NIH Director's Blog highlights recent G-Lab research

Scientific American features our work on Delivery Vectors that Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier

Short talk on Deep Brain Stimulation, Optogenetics, and CLARITY for the Stanford Big Data 2015

Gradinaru/Newman Collaboration Yields 3D View of Bacterial Infection by MiPACT tissue clearing [Video] [Caltech Press Release]

Scientific American 10 World Changing Ideas 2014 features our group's work on Transparent Organisms

CBS News on "Single-cell phenotyping within transparent intact tissue through whole-body clearing. Cell, 2014"

The World Economic Forum Blog: Interview about Optogenetics and CLARITY

Short Version: TEDxCaltech: The Brain, January 2013

Long Version: Watson Richard C. Biedebach Memorial Lecture, December 2012 (Available on iTunes U)

Positions currently available

Please email your CV and a cover page detailing your future research or position type interests to Dr. Viviana Gradinaru (viviana@caltech.edu).

Gradinaru Lab News


Alon and Ken's paper on bone CLARITY is published in Science Translational Medicine.


Discussing neurodegeneration with Bill Gates at Caltech.


Viviana receives Peter Gruss Young Investigator Award!


We collaborated with the Newman lab for Microbial Imaging after PACT - "Exposing the 3D biogeography and metabolic states of pathogens in cystic fibrosis sputum via hydrogel embedding, clearing and rRNA labeling". Paper here.


Jenny's review on tissue clearing and viral vectors for mapping biological circuits is now in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.


Cheng's paper out in Neuron!


Viviana is awarded a PECASE!: "Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers."


Ben's paper out in Nature Biotechnology on Delivering genes across the blood-brain barrier


Nature News and Views on Optogenetic Voltage Sensors


If you use tissue clearing - these detailed protocols just out in Nature Protocols will help!


Spying on Opsins.


Viviana is a Sloan Fellow in Neuroscience.


Glab is awarded a BRAIN initiative grant in collaboration with Changhuei Yang's group at Caltech.


Viviana is elected to the Allen Brain Institute Next Generation Leaders Council.


Nick and Claire's paper on voltage sensing with Archer 1 has been published in Nature Communications.


Glab's first paper has been published in Cell.

Old News Archive

Life in the GLab


Uninspired? On Creative Work.


Picture of the Month!


Lindsay and Jenny performed the first in vivo electrophysiology experiment with optogenetics.


Happy birthday, Claire!